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Microsoft Access Database Samples

Asset Management Database

The Assets Management Database was developed using Microsoft Access.  The Assets database provides comprehensive tracking and reporting of your business asset.  With a simple, easy to use interface, the database will let you record all facets of asset management including acquisition, description, history, location and depreciation details.  

Company assets can be grouped and categorised in a variety of ways to ensure proper management of assets assigned to various departments and/or employees.   The Assets Database also makes it easy to accurately track and develop a maintenance schedule for each asset. 


  • Setup a categorised list of all assets including each assets' details such as vendor, location, status, description, model and serial number, asset acquisition date etc.

  • Maintains lists of asset categories, employees, departments, vendors ..etc.

  • Tracks maintenance history of asset including date, repairer, cost etc.

  • Display or print a complete asset depreciation history.

  • Print asset reports by category, location, vendor, employer etc.

  • Developed in front-end / back-end configuration making it ideal for use by a single user or for multi-user access across a local network 

The free version of the Asset Management database is provided in a compiled state. Whilst it is fully functional, the database design can not be altered or added to.


Microsoft Access 2002, 2007 or 2010 is required to operate this database..

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Asset management database free download


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MS Access Dataabse Sample - Asset Management


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Purchase the Open Source Version

When you purchase the open source version of the Asset Management Database you have FULL ACCESS to all database tables, forms, reports and other database objects.  You may continue to use the Assets Management program in the current format, or if you wish, use it as a starting point and make modifications to better suits your business needs.  

Please note: the open source version of the Assets database software is capable of alteration and/or update by the end user, and is therefore provided 'AS IS' without warranty of any kind.  You should thoroughly test and review the free version of the software to ensure it is suitable for your purpose prior to purchase.  See the EULA for further information.

The open source version of the Asset Management database incorporates all the functionality found in the FREE version. When  you purchase the open source version you are purchasing only the enhanced functionality added to the original MS Access database sample. If you wish you can build a more simplified version of this database using the Assets database template wizard available in Access 2003 and then make the changes yourself.

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If after using the Asset Management database, you would like to add additional reports or functionality, but just don't have the time or know how to customise the database, we would be happy to assist you with the changes.  Please contact us for a quote!

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Please read the included 'Installation Instructions' PDF file containing single-user and multi-user  installation instructions.

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