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  MS Access Database trusted locations and trusted folders

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Adjusting Macro Security settings in Microsoft Access 2003

Microsoft Access 2003 - Macro Security Settings

In MS Access version 2003, which has its Macro Security set to High or Medium, if you attempt to run a database which was obtained from a third party (and not created on your computer)  you will receive a warning dialog and be given the option to cancel or run (open) the database. This is because MS Access databases usually contain Visual Basic code and/or Macros, which could contain malicious content.  For this reason you should only ever run Access databases that you have obtained from trusted sources.  

As with most Microsoft Access databases, all of our free samples contain visual basic coding and/or macros and therefore unless you have adjusted the Macro Security level in MS Access the warning dialog box will be displayed.  If you want to run the sample database you must select the 'OPEN' button when prompted. If you do not select the 'OPEN' when prompted the database will not run. 

If you only ever run Microsoft Access database that you have obtained from trusted sources, such as G.I. Business Database Solutions, you can elect to lower the Macro Security settings.  This is a simple process which takes only a minute or so to setup.

To adjust the Macro Security settings in Microsoft Access 2003 follow the steps outlined in the step by step guide available from the links below.

Adjusting Macro Security in Microsoft Access 2003

To view the Microsoft Access 2003 setup guide on-line Click Here

To save a copy of the Microsoft Access 2003 setup guide right click HERE and "Save Target As"



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