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 Access Database developer solutions and data management systems for small to medium business.

  Access Database developer - information management software development specific needs of your business. Let a Professional developer design a system tailored to your needs. Free quotes.

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You don't have    Microsoft® Access !

Then ask us to develop and package your database with Microsoft® Access runtime.

Access runtime is FREE

You pay only for our time to develop and package your database.

Once packaged, your Access database will be fully operational without the need to install Access.

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Custom Data Management Software

In business the need to retain and evaluate vast quantities of data
is unavoidable !!
A custom database application tailored to your specific business needs can save you time and money.

How much of your time,  your staff's time, and your money is wasted trying to tie together paper-based reports, spreadsheets and other computer based documents into a meaningful format on which reliable business decisions can be made.

When properly collated, analysed and reported-on using a modern custom database application, your data could provide that vital information that gives you the edge over your competitors.  Custom data management applications save time, and money. Imagine how much more efficient it would be if you could obtain the information required in a comprehensive report at anytime, with just a few mouse clicks.

At GI Business Data Solution, we believe that no job is too small and often find that it is the smaller, more specialised database systems that we develop that provide the greatest cost and time saving returns for our clients.  Why should you switch to a computer based data management system?

Some reasons to switch to a computer based data management system :

  • The volume of paper based data is unmanageable
  • You require an easier way to collect and collate data about your clients and their orders
  • You want to better analyse your sales or the current market place trends
  • You find that maintaining links between a multitude of files is time consuming and cumbersome.
  • You need to share information between several departments or people is imperative
  • You want to ensure that staff are recording the information accurately
  • Repetitive data processing tasks are consuming too much of your staff's time

If you're faced with one or more of these data management challenges then perhaps it's time to seriously consider a custom Data Management Solution that is tailored to your unique business needs.

Benefits of a Custom Database Management System

Why change your work habits to suit off-the-shelf software - custom access database solutions are designed to work the way you do!

Off- the-shelf database systems are designed to handling data in a specific way, and generally do it well.  However their inflexible designed often dictates the terms in which your data can be stored or actioned.  In worse case scenarios these systems may also dictate the way in which you need to do business!

On the other hand, custom database management systems are designed and developed to your specifications.  They work the way that you want them to, and compliment the way in which you choose to do business.  Perhaps more importantly, custom database managements systems have the flexibility to grow as your business expands or the focus of the business changes. The potential for long term savings when you need only upgrade instead of replace an entire data management system are obvious.

Custom databases represent the best opportunity for companies to automate and become more efficient.  With a custom database, office functions which previously required many hours of your staff's  time to complete, such as the recalculations of price-lists, the validation of staff hours or even the reviewing of client contact information, can be done in seconds.  The number of business function that be automated and made more efficient using a custom data management system is limited only by your imagination.

  • Client contact management
  • Appointment scheduling Invoice and order processing
  • Stock & inventory control
  • Sales and/or purchase ledgers
  • Personnel issues - promotion horizon - duty rosters - workCover
  • Marketing and trend analysis
  • Automated price-list / catalogue generators
  • Complex calculations and reporting
  • Conversion of large spreadsheets to a relational database

Have an idea for automating one or more of your current business data processes, but you're not sure if it's achievable?  It costs nothing to ask!   Simply use our on-line request form to outline your requirements and we'll get back to you with the answer.  With imagination, inspiration and the know-how, we can make it happen.


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