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Database redevelopment can results in significant cost


Database Redevelopment

Redevelop an existing data management system

As a business grows or the focus of a business changes, many owners find that their current data management system is no longer adequate.  Perhaps a little tweaking or the introduction of additional functionality will make it better suited to the revised work practices.  The reasons some business owners seek to redevelop their existing database over the introduction of an entirely new data management systems are many and varied.

  • The business currently uses an off-the-shelf database management system that doesn't quite meet all the demands of your business.

  • The current database system was once sufficient, but no longer provides the kind of in-depth reporting that is required to make important business decisions?

  • They have realised that an add-on or an upgrade could enhance the capabilities of your current database system and improve data handling efficiency in the organisation.

  • Some realise that by integrating data holdings that are currently spread over a number of spreadsheets, databases and/or other documents into one data management system they could greatly reduce the opportunity for data error and enhance reporting capabilities.

  • They simply want to upgrade their Access database to a more current and robust software version.

But what if your current staff do not possess the time to redevelop your existing system or the expertise to give you in-house data management system the professional feel and functionality that is needed.  Perhaps they need the assistance of a professional database developer to help them streamline a user interface, better secure your data, or to program automated system responses!

Other reasons to consider database redevelopment

  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Eliminate duplication of data entry.
  • The ability to import and export to and from other sources and formats.
  • Spreadsheet to database conversion
  • Conversion of current system to Microsoft Access
  • MS Access database version upgrade
  • Multi-user access and the sharing of data
  • Additional functionality to existing applications
  • Marketing add-ons
  • Email integration or mail run automation
  • Automated email responses and alerts
  • Enhanced data analysis and reporting capabilities
  • The ability to find the information you need in seconds.
  • Customised or specific data handling requirements

Planning is an important aspect of any database redevelopment ?

Whether developing an entire data management system or redeveloping an existing database, proper planning and design is an important aspect of the redevelopment.  It ensures that enhancements or add-ons integrate seamlessly into the existing data management system and compliment the current data handling and reporting options.

Planning is perhaps even more important when the purpose of the redevelopment is to provide enhanced multi-user access to database records, or integrating a number of databases into one more accessible system. To assist you in planning your database redevelopment we have included a list of planning considerations in our database planning guide page.

If you are considering the redevelopment of your existing database systems we would be happy to assist or answer any question your may have.  Please feel free to contact us via email using our on-line request form.

We also encourage you to take advantage of the free quote offer, and if costs are a concern, and so they should be, why not take a look at our current Fee Schedule, it is one of the more completive in the market place.


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