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  MS Access Database samples and downloads - Resource Management

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 Don't have Microsoft® Access on your computer?

Let us package your database with Microsoft® Access Runtime.

You pay only for our time required to develop and package your database using the runtime.

Whilst the database will be fully functional, you will be unable to change its design.

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Microsoft Access Database Samples

Resource Management Database

Unless you are a large company it is likely that your business  have several business resources such as motor vehicles, conference rooms, laptop computers or digital projectors that are shared between a number of employees or perhaps even between several departments.  If so, you are already aware of the importance of ensuring those resources are properly managed, allocated, and properly scheduled.  Vehicles that suddenly become unavailable resulting in late appointments, conference rooms that are double booked when that important client arrives for  a meeting and missing presentation equipment are just some of the issues that can arise without proper management. All these things  can impact on the professional appearance of your business.

This free Resource Management database is an easy to use Access Database which is suitable for use in small to medium business that share resources between several employees or across departments.  It will assist you to accurately manage and allocate resources and includes  comprehensive reporting options. 

The Resource Manager has an easy to use data entry interface which simplifies the process of recording and scheduling all of your business resources and setting up resource reservation calendars.   At any stage you can create, preview or print a schedule for resources such as a conference room, vehicle or overhead projector; or just about any other resource that you can imagine.


  • It has a very simple user interface which is easy to use and master.
  • Any number of resource items can be stored and scheduled as necessary.
  • Obtain a printed reservation schedule for any resource with the click of a button.


Microsoft Access 2003, 2007 or 2010 is required to operate this database. 

Updated Version 1.01


Download Free Access Database Sample - Resource Management

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Free Access Dataabse Sample - Resource Management

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We know of many businesses that use the free Access database software samples that we provide in their day to day operations and we are very pleased that we were able to assist them.

However we are also aware that not all businesses operate in the same way and that software should not dictate the way in which you choose to do business. 

If you have downloaded and use the free version of the Resource Management software and find that you would like additional  functionality or reporting, we would be happy to assist in customizing the software to better suit your business needs.  Please contact us with an outline of the changes that you would like made to the Resource Management Software and will get a quote back to you as soon as possible.

Request Information about Resource Management


Please read the included 'Installation - READ ME.pdf' file for important details regards installation.

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